Samolot OCS Ana Cargo podczas lądowania

National Courier Air Parcels

It is our great pleasure to announce that we launched national airline courier shipments with effect from 01-10-2015. This service is valid on the territory of the Republic of Poland in the below mentioned airports:

Panorama Warszawy– Gdańsk ( GDN )
– Katowice ( KTW )
– Poznań ( POZ )
– Rzeszów ( RZE )
– Szczecin ( SZZ )
– Warsaw ( WAW )
– Wrocław ( WRO )

The maximum weight of the parcel which can be sent in this service is maximum 31 kg. The contents of the consignments may be the only goods deemed acceptable by air due to the fact that shipments are sent on passenger planes and loading of the goods is classified as General Cargo.

Below we present the times of departures and arrivals at particular airports

Warsaw WAW
Rzeszów RZE
WAWLO 35057.35RZE8.30
LO 380113.4014.35
LO 380716.3517.30
LO 380322.4023.35
RZELO 38045.55WAW6.45
LO 38068.559.45
LO 380215.0015.50
LO 380817.5518.45
Warsaw WAW
Gdańsk GDN
WAWLO 38317.30GDN8.25
LO 383510.5011.45
LO 383713.3514.30
LO 381516.3017.25
LO 382519.4020.35
LO 381720.5021.45
LO 382722.4023.35
GDNLO 38285.50WAW6.45
LO 38187.508.45
LO 38328.559.50
LO 383612.1013.05
LO 383814.5515.50
LO 381617.5018.45
LO 382621.0021.55
Warsaw WAW
Poznań POZ
WAWLO 39577.35POZ8.30
LO 394313.3514.30
LO 394919.2520.20
LO 394122.5023.45
POZLO 39425.50WAW6.45
LO 39588.559.50
LO 394414.5515.50
LO 395020.4521.40
Warsaw WAW
Szczecin SZZ
WAWLO 39317.30SZZ8.40
LO 393519.2520.35
SZZLO 39329.05WAW10.10
LO 393621.0022.05
Warsaw WAW
Katowice KTW
WAWLO 38777.35KTW8.25
LO 388313.4014.30
LO 388119.3020.20
KTWLO 38788.50WAW9.40
LO 388414.5515.54
LO 388220.4521.35
Warsaw WAW
Wrocław WRO
WAWLO 38517.30WRO8.25
LO 385510.5011.45
LO 384313.3514.30
LO 384716.3017.25
LO 385919.4020.35
LO 384922.4523.40
WROLO 38505.50WAW6.45
LO 38528.559.50
LO 385412.1013.05
LO 384414.5515.50
LO 384817.5018.45
LO 386021.0021.55

This service will speed up the Time Critical and Dedicated Transportation in the country. If you are interested in pricing and lead time of <a”>Door to Door or Door to Airport fill out the form on the right.