OCS offers comprehensive services in the field of air and road transport.


Quality of services

For OCS the most important are individual needs and requirements of the client

OCS offers comprehensive services – provides packaging of shipments, their customs clearance and all formalities related to air and road international transport.
Also it offers professional consulting in scope of organization of consignments at export and import.
OCS network offers extremely favorable value for money services. Using the services of OCS does not require large expenditures and quality of service is at the highest level.

OCS - The company constantly looking for impossible things to do

We like challenges, in particular those not feasible.
Delivery of Japanese daily newspapers, which is the same edition as printed in Japan, and delivery on a given day. Pharmaceutical Department open 24/7, with the availability of dry ice also 24h a day. Special packaging for all temperature ranges with an option to purchase only the packaging, without our service. Setting the logistics for projects saving people’s lives, e.g. in the field of parenteral nutrition. Distribution of medicines to hospitals, pharmacies as well as for individuals. Storage of valuable equipment and readiness of 24h per day for their distribution to customers (Time Critical). Also daily delivery of envelopes, packages and pallets in a typical courier service.
Give us a task and see what solution we can find.


Why use courier services, if we need quick delivery of a shipment? Our network provides the fastest possible transfer of parcels or documents.

OCS safety control system is a reliable tool for protecting your shipment. Thanks to the computer administration and trained staff we take care of the safety and reliability at the highest level.

All our prices are at a level corresponding to reality, and their low level is guaranteed by the high level of development of the OCS Ana Group network.

One call is enough to start the process of your shipment. Then you can leave everything to us, including customs clearance and all the details regarding delivery of the shipment to the destination.

I recommend OCS- courier shipments to everyone - they have the best prices, immediately deliver a very well secured, shipment, easy handling. We salute you and wish you a lot of customers. Marcin and Edyta.
Maricn and Edyta
Class by itself !!! Keep it up.

History of OCS

OCS (Overseas Courier Service) was founded in 1957 by a consortium of the largest newspaper publishers in Tokyo.
As we know, the most important tool for the delivery of business publications is time. It was the first private international network dedicated to the distribution of Japanese daily newspapers around the world.
OCS followed the development of Japanese industry in the world. People began to appreciate Japanese products, their reliability and durability and an expansion of the products took place in Europe, America, Australia and Far East countries. At the same time, the establishment of new factories and offices was supported by perfectly qualified and very conscientious staff from Japan, thus the need arose to keep in touch with family, culture and homeland.
OCS apart from the distribution of Japanese press, periodicals and monthlies, has began to accompany Japanese workers in their removals, transport of food, spices as well as a Japanese television decoders so that foreign employees feel abroad like at their own country.
The described OCS Logistics helped to create more than 270 regional offices in more than 200 countries. Well-trained staff provides a courier service at the highest level, helps in customs clearance, provides local courier services to support emerging and existing Japanese industry scattered around the world and provides suport in the logistics and distribution of products from the country of cherry blossoms.

OCS exclusive representative in Poland is the company Raffo – Bącalski Rafał, which has operated since 1997. OCS appreciated the commitment and passion of the company Raffo in its service and staff training. In accordance with Japanese requirements and standards we provide transport and courier services at the highest level and we make all the efforts so that the services provided meet all the needs of customers and are rendered in full compliance with the requirements of local law.
Therefore we encourage you to use the courier network, which soon will celebrate 60 years of existence in the transport industry.