Air Freight Door to Airport

As we know, time plays a very important role nowadays, and to be able to catch up with it, it is necessary to use airline connections, i.e. air freight, the share of which in the transport market is getting bigger. Air shipments air freights are one of the key products of our company s.
What distinguishes us from other companies involved in air freight forwarding is an individual approach to the customer and flexibility to customize the product for its transportation needs. We arrange shipment of all sizes such as envelopes with documents, Oversized Shipments, Pallet Service as well as charter cruises if there is a need. We provide full logistical support without the need to communicate with many departments and people, because we know that time is money and Door to Airport freight service is done by one department.
Samochód firmowy OCS na tle samolotu OCSWe collect the consignment from the specified address, organize transportation to the nearest airport, make customs clearance on behalf of a client if required, document circulation at the airport and with airlines, then we make sure that the flight took place properly and inform the Consignor that the consignment entrusted to us safely landed at the airport of destination. Then the sender can inform the recipient that it can proceed with the checkin and collect it.
Thanks to many years of cooperation with several airlines and OCS representatives around the world we provide you with a favorable rates while maintaining a high standard of service. This type of service, namely Door to Airport Air Freight bypasses the transshipment warehouses, which are valid in the courier service but goes directly to the nearest airport of destination.

We are also experienced in hazardous shipments. Find out more about this service on our website in the section “ADR / DGR shipments”.

We organize transport to the nearest airport

We arrange all formal issues

We inform about arrival of the consignment to the designated airport