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The transportation of medical and pharmaceutical consignments means suitable logistics and packaging that has to be selected for the group of consignments. A trained team of the OCS professionals provides the customer the full range of consulting in the area of specification of consignments and packages that should be used during the transport of medical consignments.

Quality of service

For OCS, the customer’s individual needs and requirements are the most important.

OCS offers comprehensive services – guarantees packaging for consignments, their customs clearance and all formalities related to international air transportation.

It also offers a professional consulting in the organization of consignments at export and import.

The OCS network offers extremely favourable price/value ratio of services. Using the services of OCS does not require large expenditures and quality of service is at the highest level.

Medical consignments are delivered in the shortest possible time with maintenance of proper temperature. The transportation process is closely monitored. From the moment of receiving an order, by adapting the transportation and combined transportation (air and road) to the delivery of the consignment to the recipient.