Temperature-Controlled Shipping

Temperature-controlled shipping is an extremely responsible task. To meet the demands posed by the drug companies and the medical industry it is necessary to have adequate packaging and specialist transport.

Samochód OCS do przewozu przesyłek w kontrolowanej temperaturzeOCS Ana Group, based on years of experience, offers a service capable of maintaining the cold refrigeration chain. We make every effort to ensure that the services fully comply with the applicable standards and at the same time   meet the needs of the companies. Carrying out specialist transport services, we know that to succeed you need proper logistics and mobile technical facilities. We can provide it all because we have been working in specialized transport for years, not only in our country but also abroad. We are aware of the fact that the transport of biological material, vaccines and drugs implies high risk. Each of the formulations requires transport in a suitable temperature, which we can provide. In the case of transportation of the tissues of both humans and animals we have the right packaging to guarantee the maintenance of the proper temperature. For years, we serve the medical industry by delivering medical samples, chemical reagents to institutions located in the country and abroad.

We have appropriate packaging for temperature-controlled shipping manufactured by famous companies such as Credo, Peli, Chronos and Intelsius. Packaging for of temperature-controlled shipping is certified by the Ministry of Health and meets the IATA requirements for air transport.

Temperature-controlled shipping is an dedicated for:Rejestrator temperatury

  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Medical Sector
  • Veterinary industry
  • Food industry
  • Gastronomic industry
  • Cosmetic industry

When carrying out the transport service we adhere to procedures consistent with WHO guidelines regarding Good Distribution Practice (GDP) for pharmaceutical products. We reach health care providers, pharmacies, doctors’ offices, hospices and every place where it is necessary to supply medicines and medical products.
OCS offers cooling logistics in all temperature ranges:

  • – 78 °C (shipment on dry ice) for deep-frozen articles, fres articles and those stored at temperatures up to +35°C.

With appropriate technical background it is not important what the weather is at the moment. Refrigerated transport is under the constant control of temperature, because we have an excellent fleet of transport that works in all conditions. At your request we will create a special offer of transport with passive cooling in temperature ranges:

  • -15 °C ~ 0 °C
  • +2 °C ~ +8 °C
  • +15 °C ~ + 25 °C

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