Transportation of Medical Shipments

Transportation medical shipments means adequate logistics and packaging that need to be selected for a group of shipments. A trained team of OCS professionals provides the customer full advice on the specification of parcels and packages, which should be used during transport of medical shipments. The team of specialists is responsible for determining the details of shipping the medical package, the manner and time of receipt and delivery of the shipment. Medical shipments are performed in the shortest possible time while maintaining proper temperature. We can ensure that the process of transportation of medical shipments is closely monitored. From the moment of receiving an order, through adapting the transport, including combined transport (air and road) to the delivery of the shipment to the recipient.

Samochód firmowy OCSIn the case of international transport, which covers more than 200 countries, a team of specialists must take into account the rules and customs procedures applicable in the country of destination and the IATA conditions of air transport. Medical shipments, due to their specific nature, are a priority. The whole process of sending and delivering parcels is managed by one company so that the customer is assured of safety and quality of the service.
Services for the medical sector require the creation of advanced logistic systems, which will include drug manufacturers, hospitals, pharmacies and wholesalers etc. Our logistics system has been working well for many years and many medical companies have trusted us.

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