National Courier Deliveries – pallets

The National Service is a complicated system of road logistics realized within the whole country, in a 24 – hour system, with use of regional representatives and local partners in voivodship cities, guaranteeing timely deliveries.
The OCS national service is supported by an advanced computer system, which allows the clients to control the pallet delivery route, receive information on delays and observe accountings. OCS, being the owner of the system, has full control over the process of timely distribution of pallets and complete flow of information on individual stages of delivery movement, which increases security of deliveries.
Magazyn wysokiego składowaniaFor your own needs, we offer special services with guaranteed 48 hours delivery, or economic deliveries – up to 72 h, with price being the basic factor.
Due to a planned and stable network of road connections between cities all over the country, the transport of pallets takes place at night, and the realization of the distribution process to addressees starts first thing in the morning of the next working day.

Pallet up to 100 kg

DimensionsNet priceGross price
pallet 120x80180,00 PLN221,40 PLN
pallet 100x120270,00 PLN332,10 PLN
pallet 120x120360,00 PLN442,80 PLN
pallet 120x200720,00 PLN885,60 PLN
pallet 120x250900,00 PLN1 107,00 PLN

Pallet up to 500 kg

DimensionsNet priceGross price
pallet 120x80240,00 PLN295,20 PLN
pallet 100x120360,00 PLN442,80 PLN
pallet 120x120480,00 PLN590,40 PLN
pallet 120x200960,00 PLN1 180,80 PLN
pallet 120x2501 200,00 PLN1 476,00 PLN

Pallet up to 300 kg

DimensionsNet priceGross price
pallet 120x80200,00 PLN246,00 PLN
pallet 100x120300,00 PLN369,00 PLN
pallet 120x120400,00 PLN492,00 PLN
pallet 120x200800,00 PLN984,00 PLN
pallet 120x2501 000,00 PLN1 230,00 PLN

Pallet up to 800 kg

DimensionsNet priceGross price
pallet 120x80290,00 PLN356,70 PLN
pallet 100x120435,00 PLN535,05 PLN
pallet 120x120580,00 PLN713,40 PLN
pallet 120x2001 160,00 PLN1 426,80 PLN
pallet 120x2501 450,00 PLN1 783,50 PLN

Pallet – dimensions

Pallet standard – base up to 120 cm x 80 cm; max. height – up to 180 cm; Pallet weight max. – up to 800 kg;

Maximum dimensions for non-standard pallet: base 250 cm x 120 cm; max. height do 180 cm. Sending and delivery of pallet packages possible only on working days.

Limitations in quantity of pallets received

Maximum number of pallets sent from one sender to one receiver in one working day – 2 pallets.
In case of sending more than 2 pallets – OCS reserves the right to deliver the package within time of 3 working days, counting from the next working day after the day of sending.

Storage of pallet

Service is based on storage of pallets in an OCS division. Service possible after previous agreement with local Customer Service Division.

Price for every day of storage per pallet30,00 PLN net36,90 PLN gross

Receiving / delivering of pallet

  • „side – side”
  • Pricing rules: in accordance with basic fees table.

Approximate time of pallet delivery:

  • A – zone – next working day;
  • B – zone – up to two working days;

We are aware that standard national service in 48 h, or economic up to 72 hours may not be sufficient. We are ready to speed up the delivery process through our dedicated system, where the given pallet or pallets go directly to the Receiver. More on the subject in the National Dedicated Transport Section.

„Pallet NEXT DAY” in B – zone

Extra fee for each pallet for reservation of date of delivery in B – zone for next working day.80,00 PLN net98,40 PLN gross