Proforma Invoice

The Proforma Invoice is accessible in the form of an editable pdf form You may fill in the form directly in the browser, and then print it, sign and mail it to us.

Fill in the form, print it, sign it and mail it to us.
Download pdf file. Fill in and mail it to us.

If the value below EUR 22.00 written in the Proforma Invoice is related to the specimens, samples, gifts, then the simplified collective customs clearance is performed and You will not receive any document from the customs office to confirm the crossing of the destination border.

Please make sure that the Proforma Invoice contains the following information:

  1. The heading: “Invoice” (”Proforma” is reserved for the specimens, samples or gifts whose total value is below EUR 22.00).
  2. The Sender’s name and address details.
  3. The Recipient’s name and address details.
  4. The date of the invoice.
  5. The number of the invoice.
  6. A full description of each commodity (catalogue numbers are not sufficient for the customs office’s requirements; therefore, please make sure that all commodities have been described in detail).
  7. The country of origin of each commodity (the place where it was manufactured).
  8. Please enclose the information related to the commodity code (if available).
  1. The quantity of individual items.
  2. The currency in which the value of the commodities is expressed.
  3. The total value of all commodities listed in the invoice.
  4. The INCOTERMS are based on the division of the transport charges between the seller and the buyer.
  5. The gross weight (including the packaging), the net weight (the weight of the packaging excluded) and the quantity of items together with the sizes of the individual packages.
  6. It is required that You make the following statement: “I state that all of the above information is true”.
  7. The invoice must be signed.
  8. The document should be issued at least in 4 counterparts.