Road Cargo

The ideal solution for service, regular transportation services by the designated route are adjusted in such a way as to meet exactly your needs, providing a competitive advantage. Our team of freight forwarders in the OCS network remains committed to a rapid and reliable delivery of your cargo to the recipient within the EU.

Wózek widłowy ładujący paletę na naczepę TIR-aThe company OCS offers express and courier transport services, as well as logistics with added value, performed along the whole chain of services offered, ranging from A to Z, starting with receipt of shipments from senders until the implementation of the service at the recipient – at regional, national and international level.
As part of our business, we also offer quick groupage transport. Each parcel entrusted to us, respectively, we shall mark and secure, so that all kinds of groupage always reach their destination intact and complete.
In order to prepare professional and fair valuation of road transport by our staff, please fill out the form below, which will facilitate and accelerate us to contact you.

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