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Your consignment requires personal service and must be delivered quickly? We are specialized in express reception and delivery of important and urgent consignments. We offer a dedicated courier service. We offer the possibility to service the next day, subject to hours. Total control within tracking of Time Critical consignment throughout Europe thanks to a dedicated vehicle. The delivery takes place on your terms.

Quality of service

For OCS, the customer’s individual needs and requirements are the most important.

OCS offers comprehensive services – guarantees packaging for consignments, their customs clearance and all formalities related to international air transportation.

It also offers a professional consulting in the organization of consignments at export and import.

The OCS network offers extremely favourable price/value ratio of services. Using the services of OCS does not require large expenditures and quality of service is at the highest level.

Cost-effective logistics solutions are ideal for undersized, heavy and unusual consignments. We will arrange for you the transportation of any consignment, regardless of its size or place of service. We have many years of knowledge in the area of import and export of consignments.


We offer the highest level of services.
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