OBC On Board Courier

What is an On Board Courier service? If your shipment requires personal service and must be quickly delivered while closely guarded, we offer you a dedicated courier service.
After determining when and where the consignment is to be delivered, our team of specialists seek out the closest connection by land and air to be able to guarantee delivery of the consignment at the time designated by the customer. We designate a dedicated courier for the implementation of the service in the OBC system.
Widok z okna lecącego samolotuIn this service, the important determinants are:
– Personal collection and delivery by courier;
– Delivery to the person designated by the Consignor, to their own hands;
– Flight out by nearest commercial flight both in the country and abroad;
– Ensuring the safe packaging if it is a delicate commodity;
– Optional additional shipping insurance;

Dedicated Courier

Full security of the shipment

Delivery to the addressee's own hands