Temperature Recorders

OCS uses Sensitech® devices to monitor temperature and ensure full safety of products transported in controlled temperature.
The devices used by OCS to transport products in controlled temperature enable the recording of temperature from the moment the consignment is accepted to the moment it is served on the Recipient.

Rejestrator temperaturyThe recorded data is crucial to establish whether the product was safely transported from the Sender to the Recipient, which guarantees that the product has retained its properties.

The data recorded by the devices used by OCS help to establish if there was any third party interference with the consignment and may support the potential insurance claims.

Temp Tale® 4USB is one of the temperature monitors used by OCS for transport. It combines the best productivity in the industry with the reliability of the traditional temperature monitors.

Temp Tale®4, with the in-built USB 2.0 and a productive microprocessor, generates the transport history in the Adobe® PDF format, which can be easily downloaded to any PC without any additional software; moreover, it generates encrypted data, reports and analyses necessary to confirm compliance with the transport quality requirements; the latter can be decrypted with the help of special software.

A validation certificate is provided for every temperature monitor.