Medicool ® Cool Packs

Product details

n Polyethylene/EVA mix – polymer bag – thermally sealed
n Polyurethane – sponge
n 0°C hydrate PCM*
* PCM contains 0.20%(+/-0.05%) Acticide LA0614

(to verify the product details chart please refer to


Larger Medicool® Cool Packs (MC-3T, MC-3S, MC-28T, MC-28S, MC-90, and MC-95) which are not encased in corrugated board cartons, are delivered in collective packaging resistant to light mechanical damage.

Smaller Medicool® Cool Packs (MC-3, MC-10, MC-11, MC-15, MC-20, MC-28 and MC0) are collectively encased in durable cartons. Please refer to the leaflet for the quantities.
After taking off the pallet the boxes may be stored in a room with controlled air temperature; the cool packs may also be stored separately on shelves.
The cartons should not be opened with sharp tools such as knives or scissors to prevent potential damage to the waterproof polymer cover.

-18 ° C (+/ – 5°C)

+5 ° C (+/- 3°C)

Storage recommendations

Medicool® Cool Packs are delivered in cartons. To prepare the cool packs for shipping they need to be stored on shelves in a manner providing the free flow of air between the cartons (min. 50mm space).
The single Medicool® Cool Packs should be lying flat on the shelves but no more than 4 single cool packs on one another with at least 50mm wide spaces between the columns to provide the free flow of air.
The following minimum storage time of Medicool® Cool Packs is recommended:

  • Frozen (-18°C, +/- 5°C) – 48 hours.
  • Refrigerated (+5°C, +/- 3°C) – 24 hours.

The information is based on tests conducted in laboratory conditions.



Medicool® Cool Packs should not be frozen to temperatures below -40°C as it may cause damage to the waterproof cover of the pack.
Medicool® Cool Packs must be handled with care, especially when frozen, to avoid damage which could render them useless.
Examples of careless behaviour:

  • a frozen Medicool® Cool Pack falls on the floor,
  • it is stored on a rough surface,
  • it has contact with sharp or rough surfaces.

As a result of such behaviour, the waterproof polymer film cover may be pricked and lead to the refrigerant leakage. It is necessary to take extra safety measures if the Medicool® Cool Packs are to be frozen collectively.
They need to be separated manually and no sharp objects which could prick the polymer film cover should be used.


Medicool® Cool Packs may be reused many times, if handled with care. Before reuse it is necessary to perform two checks for potential damage: the visual check to see if the polymer cover has not been damaged and the weight check of the pack.
If there is a loss of weight or difference in weight greater than set forth in the weight tolerance table presented in the Manual, the pack should not be used.
The packs need to be thoroughly controlled; the potential pricks may be invisible on frozen packs.
If in doubt, please exchange the doubtful packs to new ones.


Condensation is a result of defrosting, where the fluctuations of the temperature, humidity or moisture are significant. The packs intended for the transport of moisture sensitive products in insulated packaging systems need to be controlled with special care.
In the case of the larger Medicool® Cool Packs the condensation level is higher due to the moisture absorbed by the corrugated board packaging.